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Crosskote is a cross-continental specialty chemical manufacturer promoted by Lubrikote Specialties Pvt Ltd. We produce a range of polyurethane mold-release agent solutions which have achieved recognition by global polyurethane industries for their efficiency, cost effectiveness and superior release when it comes to molded parts. We offer water formulations that are 100% non-flammable, low odor and low VOC, in addition to solvent based formulations.
At Crosskote, we put our science, knowledge and experience to work to produce release agents that can stand up and perform under the extremely demanding conditions of today’s engineering standards for various applications. We serve up solvent-base, water-base, paste wax, mold cleaning and conditioning products for MDI, TDI, TM/MT polyurethane systems for all rigid, flexible, integral skin and micro-cellular urethane molding industries. These are engineered to create a heat stable, non-carbonizing film that uniformly wets the mold surface to provide long manufacturing runs without damaging the polyurethane part. All large, medium and small manufacturers can expect higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime, higher part acceptance and improved part quality.


Empowered by Innovation
Our specialized polyurethane mold release agents offer the following benefits:
Engineered to Optimize
Crosskote products are engineered to maximize releases per application and optimize part quality. This means reduced down time and fewer defects, regardless of the polyurethane molding operation.
Lower Rejection rates
Our formulations are perfectly stable at a wide range of mold temperatures, provide optimal surface finish, durability and minimal build-up.
Higher Quality Parts
Our specialized formulations are made to exceed all urethane molding requirements. They result to lower build-up as well as less sticky and greasy residues and produce higher quality parts and lower rejection rates.
Higher efficiency
Our products are designed to maximize release per application and minimize or eliminate mold catching, which ultimately leads to uninterrupted cycle time and savings on downtime.
No/Low VOC Emissions
Our on-going product development efforts have added to our product portfolio water based low VOC and VOC-free products that provide optimal solutions without impacting the environment.
Optimized Surface Finish
Crosskote products offer the right surface finish as desired, which ranges from low gloss to high gloss.

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