The Perfect Sole Mate
Nothing speaks of elegance and passion than a good shoe. Which is why we have undertaken to provide a premium selection of release agents to sole, heel and footwear manufacturers with durability in mind.

Our practices are respectful, ethical and environment-friendly.
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Concentrated for economical use, this is an excellent release with Zero VOC’s and low gloss finish suited for shoe sole molding. Highly dilutable with water for optimum economics. Excellent part surface.
Industry Application  TDS

A low solvent content with quick evaporation, ready-to-use polyester shoe sole release for particular applications that need to replace solvent based shoe sole release. An excellent release maintaining low buildup and low gloss, ready-to- use at very low spray though-puts on the mold .
Industry Application  TDS

Strong but safe solvent blends, available in both liquid and gel formulations that effectively clean wax and polyurea build-up in tooling. Must be deactivated with water when cleaned from tooling.

CK9014 & CK9014 T Mold / Tool cleaners
CK9016 & CK9016 T Mold / Tool cleaners

The CK9016 & CK9016 T work well for a silicone wax and polyurethane build- up on tooling. CK9014 & CK9014 T are preferred for hard to clean isocyanate resins (a major headliner binder) and phenolic resins.

These being a gel formulation, cling well to vertical surfaces while the liquid version allows molders to maintain a tool bath, where they can drop the tool into the bath and let it sit.